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 Using a flexible tape or a strip of paper or string to measure, wrap it completely around your wrist in a comfortable fashion where the bracelet is to be worn.

If you are buying a bangle bracelet with no clasp or possibility of bending to fit, loosely wrap the measuring tape around your knuckles.

Add approximately add 3/4 inch to 1 inch to the measurement.

Many bracelets however are adjustable and can be bent to size. Most cuff bracelets can be opened or closed approximately a half size to get a good size fit.

Bracelets with inlaid gemstones cannot be opened or closed in any amount without potential damage to the stones.

Appearance of Wrist

Wrist Measurement

Comfortable Fit: Add 3/4 to 1 inches to Wrist Measurement

Looser Fit: Add 1 1/4 inches to Wrist Measurement


5 3/4" or less

6 3/4" or less

7 1/2"


6 to 6 3/4 inches

7 to 7 3/4 inches

8 1/2 inches


7" or more

8" or more

9 inches